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Dress #15 -- Simplicity 8013 (1970s repro)

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Dress #14 -- Simplicity 8486 (2017)

Dress #13 -- Butterick 6380 (2016)

Just one note about this. The hem you see on me is exactly where it is on the size 12. It is quite short for someone who is 5'7", but I guess the legs go well with the cleavage so win (?)

Dress #12 -- Butterick 6413 (1950s repro)

I made this one last year.

Dress #11 -- Simplicity 8196 (2017)

Shorts only. They are made for short people (as always), so they didn't turn out very high-waisted on me.

Dress #10 -- Simplicity 9446 (1971)

Dress #9 -- Decades Of Style 2007 (1920s repro, 'Isabella Dress")

Fun to make! I think mine turned out to be more 60s-does-20s, but I still love it!